Introducing the MQWAS

Mobile Queue Warning Alert System

Problem solved. The Mobile Queue Warning Alert System (MQWAS™) by Site-Safe is tailor made to fulfill the requirements of your highway safety plan. To help reduce the number and severity of secondary roadway crashes, Site-Safe introduces the Mobile Queue Warning Alert System or MQWAS™ for short. When there is a major highway incident, and/or traffic is slowed or stopped upstream from a work-zone, the MQWAS™ provides timely incident management and work-zone information to officials and the motoring public.

Why a Mobile Queue Warning Alert System?
Fifty percent of all highway congestion is attributed to non-reoccurring conditions, such as traffic incidents, weather and work zones. These cause an increase probability of secondary crashes, 18% of which result in fatalities; and secondary incidents make up 20% of highway crashes.

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How it Works

Safe, quick clearance and timely action from responder is key to minimizing injury and potential failures. The MQWAS operates on a five step system: data collected, data computed, queue discovered, messages replayed, and alerts sent. The Mobile Queue Warning Alert System is available for purchase in the following configurations:

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