MyZone™ Worker Alert System

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MyZone is a installed and wearable system that alerts site workers to static or mobile hazards in his or her immediate work area for preventive action.

MyZone alerts workers via a wearable receiver. The worker clips the receiver on and reacts to the vibrating warnings. There are no switches – once it’s on, it’s ON! Monitor multiple individual threats, such as site vehicles, providing warnings for each defined hazard with 360 degree capability, including blind spots.


  • MyZone technology ‘sees’ around corners, through walls, hoardings, racking, and other obstructions.
  • MyZone transmitters generate proximity warning zones around defined static and moving hazards.
  • MyZone receivers alert individual workers of an approaching hazard with a discrete vibration.
  • MyZone’s vibrating warnings eliminate additional onsite noise pollution.
  • MyZone promotes best-practice safety standards for your organization.


Making Safety Personal

MyZone can help prevent accidents by giving ownership of personal safety back to the individual. Allowing the wearer to make considered choices as to the need to enter predetermined exclusion zones around ‘live’, management defined hazards. It’s all about simplicity.

This unique technology alerts the wearer via a receiver attached to their hard hat which responds to the detected threat by vibrating for a couple of seconds, warning directly that a danger is present.

This may provide a more effective warning method than a siren, flashing light, radar sensor, or warning signs which, between them, create sign pollution/desensitization and contribute to a background saturation of sound that fails to notify individuals of a real, immediate and personal danger. Continual alarming of the equipment operator whenever a pedestrian enters the exclusion zone can desensitize or distract a highly trained operator whose vigilance is already an existing mindset.

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MyZone Products

  • Transmitter Unit – MZtx8

    Emitted Zone: Programmable from 3m through to 8m
    Power Requirement: 12V or 24V
    Power Drain: 0.065 Amps at 12V, zero with ignition off
    Dimensions: 150mm x 150mm x 60mm deep
    Used in conjunction with MZ3Drx

  • Transmitter Unit – MZtx10

    Emitted Zone: Programmable from 6m through to 10m
    Power requirement: 12V or 24V
    Power Drain: 0.065 Amps at 12V, zero with ignition off
    Dimensions: 230mm x 180mm x 100mm deep
    Used in conjunction with MZ3Drx

  • MZ3Drx – Receiving Unit

    Power: 3V
    Battery Life: Up to 2 years (1 x CR2 lithium battery)
    Weight: 1.05oz
    Dimensions: 50mm x 35mm x 15mm deep
    Mounting: Clip-on
    Works with all MZtx devices.

  • Magnetic Mounting Bracket

  • Power Cable and in-line fuse

MyZone Accessories

  • MZCheck- Receiver Checkpoint Kit

    Strategic positioning of the MZCheck unit at entry/exit points or check station assists with checking of the functionality of the worker’s mounted receiver unit.
    It also provides an example of the alert system to workers and/or site visitors and acts as a reminder to turn in the receiver upon exiting the site, if mandated.
    The MZCheck Kit includes a 120v/12v power supply.

  • MZCompact – Complete Kit

    Based on the standard MyZone Worker Alert System configuration, this kit is designed for the smaller or partial-day jobs.
    The MZCompact kit contains a battery-powered MXtx8 with an on/off key and a high, medium and low field adjuster and 6 MZ3Drx units.
    Additional MZ3Drx units are available if needed.

  • MZSentry – Threshold Protection System

    The MyZone ‘Sentry’ Threshold Protection System creates on-demand alert zones.
    MZSentry includes a tripod-mounted, battery- powered transmitter with an on/off key.

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