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Safety Barriers in place

Safety Barriers in place

Event Safety Barriers in place

Airport Safety Barricades in place at airport runway

Yodock safety barriers in place to section off roads and control traffic

Yodock safety barrier corner connection

Yodock safety barriers in place to close off a road

Event Safety Barriers in place at event


Site-Safe now also provides full-service installation for Yodock water-filled barricades on your project site. We set the barricade on your pre-marked location, add the anti-freeze agent, supply the water, and install the fence panels. This keeps your workers focused on tasks that keep your project moving towards completion.

Services Include:

  • Deliver
  • Addition of Water
  • Fence Installation
  • Setup
  • Addition of Rock Salt

Our barricades are longitudinal channelization devices designed for:

  • Perimeter Site Protection
  • Workzone Barricade
  • Pedestrian Channelization
  • Vehicular Channelization (when applicable)
  • Vertical Construction
  • Airport Construction

Event Barricades

Whether your securing a construction site, or a parade, festival, or another special event, Site-Safe offers the Yodock 2001MB for use in construction solutions, perimeter site enclosures and control, pedestrian channelization, and vehicular channelization in low speed downtown vertical construction sites.
Full Installation Service:

  • Setup/removal of barricade
  • Furnish and install rock salt to reduce water freezing potential
  • Install fence panels (when applicable)

Other Offerings:

  • Surface mounted gating systems
  • Custom fence panel applications
  • Custom logo windscreen solutions


Yodock 2001MB

Yodock® 2001MB

MASH-rated Longitudinal Channelizing Device (LCD), Test Level 2

Plastic, water-filled Longitudinal Channelizing Device (LCD) for traffic and pedestrian channelization, road and street closures, or perimeter fencing. When deployed as an LCD, the units are attached end-to-end using a plastic coupler.

Airport Barricades

Site-Safe rents and sells Aerocade low profile airport barricades. Along with the Aerocade, we also provide rentals and sales for:

  • Solar screw in lights for the Aerocade
  • 20”x20” flags for the Aerocade
  • Lighted runway X closure markers
  • We sell 10’x60’ runway closure markers
  • We sell 5’x30’ taxiway closure markers



Site-Safe is the exclusive dealer for Yodock water-filled barricades in Tennessee, Ohio, Kentucky, and Michigan. We also service Illinois and Indiana.

We provide purchased and rental quotes for:

  • 2001MB 32″x6′ water-filled barricade
  • 2001 46″x6′ water-filled barricade
  • Standard 5’x6′ Fence Panels
  • Custom Fence Panels
  • Drive gates
  • Man gates
  • Temporary fencing (standard and drive in past)
  • Aerocade low profile airport barricade
  • Solar light for Aerocade
  • Aviation flags
  • Taxiway closure markers (purchase only)



Whatever you need for your perimeter security, Site-Safe Construction Products can cover you. All products available to rent are also available for purchase. Keep them on hand to make sure all of your construction projects are not just safe, but Site-Safe.

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